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Is the work you do meaningful to you?

In the hustle and bustle of your workday, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters to you beyond a paycheck, promotion, or praise.

That's where the Meaningful Work Survey™ comes in.

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A groundbreaking self-awareness experience, the survey is designed to help you uncover what really motivates you–illuminating a path to a more fulfilled worklife.

With these powerful insights in hand, you’ll be better equipped to make changes (big or small) that infuse your work with more meaning. So why not press the pause button to take stock of your work experiences and what’s important to you?

Take your assessment in less than 10 minutes

Receive your personal report

Complimentary option to talk 1:1 with a Meaningsphere Guide  who can help you dig deeper into your report and uncover actions you can take

The Meaningful Work Survey is currently only available in the United States.


What's inside the

Meaningful Work Survey experience?


Self-reflection made simple

The research-backed, 31-item assessment delves deep into common sources of work fulfillment, providing you with a profound understanding of what truly matters to you about your work.


You’ll be introduced to seven essential components of meaningful work, providing a structured approach to explore and understand your unique work experience.


Thoughtful analysis, anytime, anywhere

Your purchase includes immediate access to the assessment, accompanied by your personal report that includes graphics and videos to help you uncover powerful insights.


This arsenal of resources was curated to give you the clarity you need to make changes (big or small) that can infuse your work with more meaning.


Access to expert guidance

Your journey doesn't end with the survey. Once you’ve completed the assessment and received your report, you’ll have the option to book a 1:1 session with one of our expert Guides. Together, you’ll work to turn your results into an action plan.


For a limited time, survey purchasers can book this session at no cost so try it out on us!


How the Meaningful Work Survey can transform your life:

Define meaningful work

Use a framework and new language to define what makes work uniquely meaningful to you.

Benchmark against peers

See how you compare to others who completed the survey which can provide valuable insights into your unique meaning profile.

Realign your work with what matters to you

Examine how aspects of your current work add or take away from your work life fulfillment so that you can make changes for the better.

Find balance

Work is meaningful when you find harmony in it. Find out how you can achieve better balance among the seven key aspects of meaningful work.


"The Meaningful Work Survey was incredibly helpful. It showed me where I stand in relation to others, and the videos helped me understand what the results meant to me. 

The experience opened my eyes to how I can make my workday more joyful."

The Meaningful Work Survey is currently only available in the United States

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