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A new path to job fulfillment and
workplace well-being

How it works:

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Invest in your workplace well-being to find more satisfaction and engagement in your job, inspiring your co-workers and teams to do the same. 


The Meaningful Work Inventory is meticulously crafted to help you understand your work experiences, which in turn will help foster a more fulfilling and fruitful worklife.

The Meaningful Work Inventory is currently only available in the United States.

Respond to a series of statements that prompt you to reflect on how often you experience the drivers of meaning in your work.

Choose to purchase your custom report for $20 to learn about your personal meaning profile and uncover valuable insights about your results.​

Schedule a 1:1 conversation with a MeaningSphere Guide (included in your purchase) who can help you dig deeper into your report and create actions you can take toward more meaningful work.


What's inside the

Meaningful Work Inventory experience?


Self-reflection made simple

The research-backed, 31-item assessment delves deep into common sources of work fulfillment, providing you with a profound understanding of what truly matters to you about your work.


You’ll be introduced to seven essential components of meaningful work, providing a structured approach to explore and understand your unique work experience.


See work in a 
new light

The information you’ll find in your personal report fosters self-awareness. It can inspire small mindset shifts or even complete career pivots. Ultimately, they help guide your decisions at work, big and small, with what matters most to you at the forefront.   


They're the Guide,
but you lead the way

Beyond receiving your personal report,  you’ll also have the option to book a session with one of our expert Guides. They’ll listen and work with you to deepen your understanding of your report and serve as a safe sounding board and motivator to help turn your results into an action plan. 


How the Meaningful Work Inventory can transform your life:

Define meaningful work

Learn about the seven key aspects of meaningful work to discover what makes work uniquely meaningful to you. 

Gain valuable context

Explore your unique meaning profile through in-depth explanations and side-by-side comparisons between you and others who have responded to the Inventory.

Realign your work with what matters to you

Examine your current work situation and identify where you can make impactful, sustainable changes for the better, both big and small.  

Start on a steady path forward

Armed with new, actionable insights and empowered with a fresh perspective, apply your learnings to your worklife and begin to experience the impact of investing in yourself.  


"The Meaningful Work Inventory was incredibly helpful. It showed me where I stand in relation to others, and the videos helped me understand what the results meant to me. 

The experience opened my eyes to how I can make my workday more joyful."

The Meaningful Work Inventory is currently only available in the United States.

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