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job fulfillment

A new path to

Invest in your workplace well-being to find more satisfaction and engagement in your job.


The Meaningful Work Inventory is meticulously crafted to help you understand your work experiences, which will help foster a more fulfilling and fruitful worklife.


The inventory really made me think and reflect on work in a new way. It helped me go deeper and really ask myself some hard-hitting questions about what I want at work and HOW I like to work.

So, what is lifting you up or
dragging you down at work? 

Get Started with a Proven Framework

The intrinsic drivers of meaningful work are organized into categories that represent universal sources of meaning that we can all tap into.

Your need to be
in tune with yourself

Your need to connect

with others



with Yourself

with Others


Your need to harness

your strengths and abilities

Your need to contribute

for the good of others

Creating a more fulfilling worklife for yourself starts with understanding and balancing these drivers in a way that is unique and meaningful to you.

The Meaningful Work Inventory is currently only available in the United States.

Work Inventory Experience

The Meaningful

Reflect on your worklife


The Inventory invites you to respond to a series of statements that prompt you to reflect on how often you experience the drivers of meaning in your work.


Uncover Valuable Insights

For $10, choose to purchase a tailor-made report revealing your Personal Meaning Profile—a detailed analysis with illustrations charting your experiences of meaning visually using the categories and central tensions of meaningful work.


See how your responses compare with others who have responded to the Inventory globally and gain new language to describe your experiences and identify your needs at work.  


Talk with an Expert

Beyond receiving your personal report, you’ll also have the option to book a session with one of our expert Guides (included in your purchase).


They’ll listen and work with you to deepen your understanding of your report and serve as a safe sounding board and motivator to help turn your results into an action plan. 


What makes the
Meaningful Work Inventory

It doesn’t label you or put you in a box 

Unlike traditional personality or career tests, the Meaningful Work Inventory doesn’t force you into a limiting category or “type”. It helps you take stock of your current situation and identify ways to find more fulfillment and flow.

It's for you

The Inventory is intended to help you answer the question, “Where and how do I find meaning at work?” so you can move toward more fulfillment in your daily worklife. It’s not about maximizing your productivity for your employer’s benefit.

It's empowering

The information you’ll find in your personal report and the discussion you’ll have with your Guide are not prescriptive. They’re designed to help you take control of your worklife by first helping you understand what you really want.

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