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Our Mission
To inspire, support, and connect people in their quest to discover and experience greater meaning in their work.

Our Vision
We see a world in which people co-create meaningful work that contributes to the entire human experience – work that enables personal growth and engagement and shifts the way organizations operate.

Image by Kalen Emsley

Our Intentions

The search for meaning is important


Just like you, we crave meaningful work. Interest in the pursuit of meaning at work has recently exploded but is not new. 

Humans are a unique species.


We are predisposed and wired to seek meaning. We need to know that our presence matters. Yet for the most part, our societal institutions like work and school have traditionally focused on tasks and “doing things” not on what the doing means to us.

Corporations are talking more about wellness and mental health. Yet, at the same time, many people struggle to find satisfaction in their jobs and still feel something is missing.

Over the past decade, there has been a great shift in how we think and feel about work. Our expectations have shifted and been accelerated by the pandemic. However, for many people as they go job to job, finding work that is meaningful to them while also meeting the reality of their circumstances, is elusive.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.


For those people curious or maybe even desperate to uncover what meaningful work looks and feels like for them, studies have shown that it’s possible to get more meaning out of your work even if your job doesn’t change. Meaning-seeking is an ability that can be sharpened through practice.

Meaning seeking relies on consistently exploring how you define meaning through self reflection, opening yourself up to new insights and perspectives, and finally turning your insights into actionable steps you can take. MeaningSphere’s purpose is to enable and support you at all three of those steps.


This is what we are in the business of helping people do.

Our Colleagues

Committed to bringing MeaningSphere's vision to life

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The answer is meaning


we realize meaning in our work, it 

no longer feels like work.

The mundane disappears.

The commute shortens.

Engagement leads to performance

leads to satisfaction leads to


You feel the work you do everyday matters;

that it makes a difference in the world,

because it does.

We created MeaningSphere

to help people find meaning in their work,

whatever that work may be,

so those on the journey

don't have to travel alone;

to usher in an age where anyone can seek

purpose, wonder and joy

in their work.

We created MeaningSphere

for you.

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