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Getting Started

You can engage in our experiences on your own, or with a Guide who will help you on your journey.

MeaningSphere offers a variety of experiences and services that work together to help you on your journey to finding more meaning in your work. 

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Guides are people from different walks of life who've had success in navigating the world of work. They've been trained to help you make the most of your MeaningSphere experience. By listening carefully to you, they'll help you explore the big question: "What is the meaning of my work to me?"

If you want to work with a Guide, review the Guide profiles on our platform, then schedule a 'Get Acquainted" session.

"The stop, start, continue plan was really useful as we came up with achievable and tangible actions that I'd be able to take forward and implement. All the actions we came up with were ones I could take upon myself to do and therefore were in my realm of control in order to restore the balance I need.."

Meaningful Work Survey

What is it about your work that makes it meaningful to you? Which parts energize you, and which parts drain your energy? Your survey results will help you answer these and other questions about where and how you find meaning in your work, and how you can make changes that matter to you.

"I think what is unique about the survey is the questions themselves as it really makes you reflect on your feeling towards your work and experience rather than just your standard work questions. It really makes you put things into perspective of how you feel about your job, the company, the industry- especially the questions about the impact you feel you make."

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The Portrait is not your typical profile exercise. In creating your Portrait, you’ll find yourself naturally expressing what is meaningful to you in your work life. You’ll complete fun and introspective exercises rather than write a resume. Just reflect and consider how you want to present yourself and what is meaningful to you.

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The Network

The Network, or The Meaning Feed, is the central space where you can engage in conversations with other MeaningSphere Explorers. Connect with those in a similar place as you and with those who are where you would like to be. You can explore new perspectives, learn about new meaning practices, and inspire others.

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The Mirror

The MeaningSphere Mirror® is an online journal that prompts you to briefly reflect on an event in your work day. After each entry, you'll gain insight into what made that event meaningful (or not). Over time, you'll see patterns in your entries that will reveal changes you can make to uncover more meaning at work.

"It is extremely helpful in pausing and reflecting on events throughout your day to come to a place of gratitude or even a place of realization of needing to make a change. I think being able to process these events throughout the day alleviates anxiety."

Meaning Circles

A Meaning Circle is a unique small-group experience. A host poses an opening question about meaningful work and participants share their reflections without commentary or judgement. You’ll listen and be listened to without opinions or advice given.  You'll discover new perspectives on what could make work life more meaningful to you.

Want to join a Circle? Register here!


"These made me do something that I haven’t done in a long time, which is to sit down and reflect on my current situation. I have been kind of coasting for a while and haven’t asked myself if I am happy and getting meaning in what I’m doing."

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The Library

In the Library, you'll find a collection of content that focuses on meaningful work experiences. Library Curators distill the mind-boggling amount of content available both online and off, so you can cut through the noise and focus on exploring high-quality resources that entertain, inspire, and motivate you.

A Way to Start Your MeaningSphere Journey


We recommend that whatever path you take, that you begin by completing your portrait, an atypical profile exercise where you find yourself naturally expressing what is meaningful to you in your work life.


Build your self-reflection muscle to uncover the meaning of your experiences by using the Mirror, an online journal that prompts you to reflect on a memorable event (big or small) in your day. Are you seeing patterns after a few entries? Would you like to talk it through with someone who is a good listener?  You can choose to work with a Guide who can help you uncover insights that you can apply towards your journey to more meaning in your work.




Start by completing the Meaningful Work Survey. After downloading and reviewing your personalized report, complete the do-it-yourself (DIY) exercises that help you put your Meaningful Work Survey results to work for you in the DIY space. Or choose to work with a Guide who will help you use your results to make meaning and take action.

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While your mind is focused on meaning, visit our Library where you will find a collection of content: videos, movies, articles, books, podcasts, and more — that focuses on meaningful work experiences.



Have a thought or article to share about meaning at work or what makes working meaningful to you? Visit the Network to make a post in the Meaning Feed, or review and comment on the posts shared by other explorers!




Give yourself permission to take a pause in your day. Join us in a  Meaning Circle where you’ll spend 60 minutes with a small group learning and reflecting on a question prompted to uncover new insights or to reinforce what brings you meaning and purpose in your work. 

Want to join a Circle? Register here!

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Need to learn more before getting started?

You can register to attend a 30-minute information session on MeaningSphere and our mission. 

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