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Meaningful work awaits.

Our collection of services help you uncover what’s important to you by facilitating personal reflection, new insights, and ways to inspire action and change. Whether it’s diving deep into your own motivations with a Meaningful Work Survey, sharing your experience in a Meaning Circle®, or capturing your thoughts in The MeaningSphere Mirror®, we’re here to help you uncover the insights you crave. 

Featured services

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Meaning Circle®

Sometimes the straightest path to where you need to go is a Circle.

A Meaning Circle® is a unique small-group experience where you’ll listen – and be listened to – without opinions or judgment. It’s a thoughtful exchange of different perspectives on what might make your work life more meaningful.

A Rewarding Way To Invest In You

Participating is a simple and easy way to begin a practice of regular self-reflection and discovery. It’s also a rare opportunity to press pause in your day and connect with others in a shared, meaning-seeking experience.

Meaning Circles are about 60 minutes long, and are currently complimentary to attend.


I felt understood and valued to be listened to so carefully. I mean, just being able to talk about what's lifting me up and what's dragging me down at work was so refreshing.

It was nice to know that other people have similar experiences at work; I was not alone.

I think hearing others share caused me to look at my own experiences and find similarities and differences that illuminated something I had overlooked (maybe deliberately). It was a big surprise to me that listening to others helps them and me at the same time.

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Meaningful Work Survey

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The Meaningful Work Survey Experience starts with 31 questions designed to help you reflect and uncover what's important to the way you work. You’ll receive a comprehensive report that includes short videos showing real examples of how you can put your results to work. You’ll see both your strengths and opportunities displayed, along with some practical exercises to help you get started. 

Armed with your report, you will be able to continue discovering how and where you find meaning in the work that you do. You’ll be rewarded for your effort with greater clarity and confidence in the choices you make.

You’re obviously motivated and comfortable taking your own initiative. This comprehensive report will serve as a reference as you continue your discovery.

So…what energizes you at work? You’re just a few clicks away from finding out.


I think what is unique about the survey is the questions themselves as it really makes you reflect on your feelings towards your work and experience rather than standard work questions. It really makes you put things into perspective of how you feel about your job, the company, the industry – especially the questions about the impact you feel you make.

The Meaningful Work Survey was incredibly helpful. It showed me where I stand in relation to others, and the videos helped me understand what the results meant to me. The experience opened my eyes to how I can make my workday more enjoyable.

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They're the Guides, but you lead the way.

Trained to help you make the most of your MeaningSphere® experience, our Guides are people from different walks of life who've had success in navigating the world of work. By listening carefully to you, they'll help you shape your answer to the big question: "What is the meaning of my work, to me?"

Your work with a Guide begins once you’ve taken the Meaningful Work Survey. With your results in hand,  you and your Guide have what you need to understand what motivates you, and what could be holding you back. Together you’ll discuss possible steps you can take to start finding more meaning in your work. This could range from tools and strategies for self-reflection, to customized exercises, journaling and more.


The MeaningSphere Mirror®

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The best place to look for meaning is in the Mirror.

The MeaningSphere Mirror® is an online journal that prompts you to briefly reflect on an event in your work day. Over time you'll gain insight into what made that event meaningful (or not), and start to see patterns that will reveal potential changes you can make.

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