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Meaningful work awaits.

Take a big step towards experiencing more fulfillment, purpose, and meaning in your work.  Introducing the Meaningful Work Inventory

MeaningSphere's collection of learning experiences are built to help you:

Make time

Pause to reflect on your work experience and the impact it has on you

Make sense

Start to see patterns, and learn from them

Make change

Learn how to get more of what matters to you


What could discovering more look like for you?

"It's definitely started me thinking about what I value at work and my work environment, and what I'm doing with my professional life."


An experience

that puts your needs and preferences first by offering a choice of activities that lead to actionable insights and personal growth.

MeaningSphere is

A community

of people from different walks of life who all believe that work should be fulfilling and motivating.

A destination

to explore what makes work meaningful to you and to gain insights to revitalize your workday.

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