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Welcome to MeaningSphere ®

We are a growing, for-purpose startup with a big ambition: To inspire, support, and connect people in their quest to discover and experience greater meaning in their work. 

Welcome to the Adventure

Here at MeaningSphere, you will find interesting activities, caring people, and useful tools to support and guide you on your journey to discover and experience greater meaning in your work. 

As we prepare to launch in the United States and the United Kingdom, we are looking for people like you, curious to discover and experience more meaning at work, to connect with us and to use our services for free during the period we're calling Early Access!

It’s really a match made in heaven – we get to show off what we’re building, and you get access to new resources to guide you on your search for more meaningful work.

What does early access mean?

It means that you get access to our platform and activities for free until our public launch later this year; this includes limited access to a Guide who can help you uncover insights and meaning from your meaning-seeking experiences.  After we launch, you are welcome to continue your meaning-seeking journey with us but there will be fees associated with many of our activities.   


We hope that you will share feedback on your MeaningSphere experiences by completing a survey or two. Your feedback will help us improve the experiences we provide to you and our explorer community.

Image by Peter Conlan

Our promise to you


A social network that
doesn't sell your data

We simply do not make money that way, and never will

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A for-purpose organization

Our bottom line is the Mission

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A vision for a world of meaningful work

We believe work can be inherently meaningful for all


What our Customers, or Explorers, are saying

"It was incredibly helpful as it allowed me to tap into certain aspects of my nature and career which weren’t aligning and how I could possibly change and what has been holding me back."

“It allowed me to get a deeper understanding of who I am – as an employee, as a partner, friend, etc… When you figure out what ‘fills up your tank’ as a human, you are more in control."

“It's definitely started me thinking about what I value at work and my work environment and what I'm doing with my professional life."

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