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Why meaning at work and why now?

Our mindset about work is shifting.


Issues like the recent pandemic, the ongoing climate crisis, and the never-ending march of technology have caused us to pause and

reflecton what really matters to us.


We’re considering our jobs with a fresh perspective, one that makes room for

what we need to feel fulfilled at work.

 89,000 HOURS 

is how much of life most of us spend working

Gallup's State of the Global Workforce: 2022 Report


said that their sense of 
purpose is largely defined
by their work

McKinsey Individual Purpose Survey 2020


are thinking about quitting their job in 2023

LinkedIn Survey in America, December 2022


"the pandemic has made me rethink the place that work
should have in my in my life"

Gartner 2021 Hybrid and Return to Work Survey


the most important factor when considering a change in work:

I find my job fulfilling

PwC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022


are emotionally detached at work

Gallup’s State of the Global Workforce: 2022 Report

Everyone has a fundamental need for purpose and meaning in their work life.

Many people we work with say they’re on the go all day. But that comes with a cost. We need time and space to think in order to gain insights about what work means to us.


At MeaningSphere, everything we do is designed to help you to get clear about where and how you find meaning and purpose in your work.


Are you ready to learn more?

We think you’ll like what you’ll create for yourself.

MeaningSphere is

that puts your needs and preferences first by offering a choice of solo and small-group activities designed to help you reflect on your work in a way that leads to actionable insights and  personal growth.

of individuals from different walks of life working in a variety of organizations and sharing at least one thing in common: a belief that work should be energizing and joyful.

to explore what makes work meaningful to you and to gain insights into how to make big or small changes that energize your work day.

Our Team

At the heart of our mission are our people who:


  • Believe there is more to work than just working

  • Are dedicated to help others uncover a greater sense of pride, purpose, and connection to the work that they do.

  • Seek to start a movement where all are empowered to create meaning in our work.  


Our Mission

To inspire, support, and connect people in their quest to discover and experience greater meaning in their work.

Our Vision

We see a world in which people co-create meaningful work that contributes to the entire human experience – work that enables personal growth and engagement and shifts the way organizations operate.

Our Values


We are in service to ourselves, each other, and our Explorers with love, support, and attentiveness.


We share a spirit of common purpose, togetherness, and inclusiveness by honoring our commitments to each other and our Explorers.


 We listen, we learn, and we grow through our differences, inquiry, and experimentation.


We consciously embrace discomfort, authentically express ourselves, and practice vulnerability.

Our promise to you

A social network that doesn't sell your data

We simply do not make money that way, and never will

A for-purpose organization

Our bottom line is the Mission

A vision for a world of meaningful work

We believe work can be inherently meaningful for all

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