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  • Ali Boston

How to plan a personal "reboot" in 2024



A hand reaches to press the power button on a laptop.
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There’s a general rule to working with computers: If something’s not working properly, start by pressing the reboot button. More often than not, this act of stopping what we’re doing and restarting does the trick. Our computers spring back to life ready to take on whatever it is we have planned for them next.

The idea that we might also be able to press the “reboot” button on an old year, or on ourselves, and start again sounds pretty great. But it isn’t that easy, is it? Personal growth, finding what it is we love doing, and working out how to do it is something we have to keep on exploring. As Stanford educators Bill Burnett and Dave Evans write in the book Designing Your Life: "a well-designed life is a life that’s generative—it is constantly creative, productive, changing, evolving, and there is always the possibility of surprise." (Read our review here.)

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So, although we’re focusing on “rebooting” this week, it’s only just the beginning. And if you’re not quite ready to shift into action, that’s okay. Take your time. You can keep returning to the tools and resources we’ve shared in previous weeks until you’re ready.

Your 2024 reboot planning

This week, look ahead to the rest of your year and plan the first small steps you’ll take.

  • What have you learned this month that you’d like to take forward into the

  • rest of the year?

  • What one word or sentence captures what you’d like to focus on this year (e.g. “joy” or “action”)?

  • What are three steps you could take to support your meaningful work journey?


What’s next? Looking for more ways to explore what makes your work meaningful? We’ve got you covered.

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