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Strengthen your

meaning-seeking muscle

Use our free resources to help build a regular practice of meaning into your work day.

Meaningful Work Calendar

A free downloadable calendar filled with meaningful daily practices and stimulating questions to get you through the workday.

Each month, we release a new calendar based on a theme to give you a helping hand on your journey to discover more meaning in your work.

2024 June Calendar_Cultivating Wonder.jpg

MeaningSphere Book Club

A free monthly gathering where we discuss popular non-fiction works that are shaking up the way we think about meaningful work.

Expect rich conversations in an inclusive environment, resulting  in fresh perspectives about how we work and why.


Self-Awareness Starter

A free reflection guide focused on increasing your self-awareness at work.  

Let us help you take a first step towards growth and change with our Who am I at Work reflection tool. 

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